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Hey, guys. I need your help to promote my new blog. Is there any chance that you could go to the blog and click the "Share/Save" button, then share the first episode on your favorite social networking site? If you want to Digg it, that would be awesome, too.
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My wife bought me an M-Audio Keyrig 25 for Valentine's day. It's a tiny little 25-key synth with 12 assignable midi controls.

It is my first foray into sequencing and it was incredible. It was so freaking hard to go to bed last night. I could barely bring myself to work. It came with Ableton Live Lite 6. To give you an idea, Ableton is now on their 8th version. The Lite 6 blew my socks off.

Oh, man. I've barely explored what I can do and I already want more.

Ableton Live 8 Suite $399 (Educational. I know a guy.)
Akai APC40 $399
GEH. I need money!
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Friends Only!

The majority of my journal has been switched to private, but I plan on mostly posting friends only. If you're not in the loop, log in and you can see my crap. If I haven't friended you, let me know! I have a FO entry today, for example.
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Like Jazzercise, but Better

Just so you know, experts say that a dose of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" (administered at a high volume) is better for you than a complete breakfast.

Also, I'm on Twitter. I'm "ALRUFF," if you're interested.
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Anyone else here into Kaki King? She's one of those guitarists who is so good at fingerpicking that's it's more of a spectacle than a song. She sounds almost exactly like Andy McKee, now that I think of it.
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More Music I Should Have Heard by Now

One of my awesome co-workers let me borrow "Raising Sand," a collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. For those of you unfamiliar with Alison Krauss, she's the lead singer of Union Station, a bluegrass band out of Nashville. She has a beautiful voice, and she's quite the fiddler, too. I've really grown to love her country work, especially the waltzes (don't tell anyone).

I'm guessing that Robert Plant's identity is pretty self-explanatory.

I've got to say, the CD is a lot mellower than I'd hoped, but it's still gorgeous. Both singers are phenomenal, and the lyrics are often fun and full of stories. If you haven't had a chance to hear the CD, and you're a fan of Zep or bluegrass, I'd give it a listen.

Another CD that just hit me really hard is Ben Folds's "Way to Normal." It's all ballad, and most of the songs are toe-tappers, which makes it great morning music. Since I have two hours of commuting to Huntsville a day, that's pretty important.